We don't want your fracking drills - NO WAY!

by Rhona MacLeod

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Music: Adam McNaughtan’s ‘Jeely Piece Song’

Lyrics - Rhona MacLeod

This track is released to raise funds for South Lanarkshire Against Unconventional Gas group in Scotland.



Oh ye canny come drilling an’ fracking under us,
‘Cos thousands of Scots folk are kicking up a fuss!
So tak’ your noisy drills an’ toxic chemicals away -
‘Cos we don’t want your fracking drills here - No way!

Seems that Dart and I-Gas have struck themselves a deal
They must think we’ll let them in wi’oot even a squeal
They surely huvnae felt the wrath o’ Scots when they’re assailed -
We’ll gie them laldy - send them aff wi’ legs a’tween their tails!

PM, David Cameron has just set us a’ a’bleeze
Opening up oor country for a’ the frackers – geez!
Whit happens next? We’ll huv tae utilise every tack,
So why not come and join us at ‘Don’t Frack ma Clack’! *

If ye thocht that politicians have your interests at heart,
Ye’d better huv anither think aboot that, for a start
‘Cos money is the thing that seems tae motivate them all,
Well c’mon folks let’s work on them, and make the buggers fall!

An Ineos Director was heard to have his say **
Working with communities, that really is their way
Explaining what they’re doing – without a ‘by your leave’
We’ll need tae a’ rise up, and gie Ineos the heave!

Algie Cluff’s another guy who fills us all with dread, **
He plans to drill for gas beneath the Firth of Forth seabed.
For UCG is worst of all these nasty toxic ways
They’ll light the gas an’ set oor Forth in one gigantic blaze!

Oor MPs think that regulations that are so robust
With monitoring, enforcement - they really are ‘a must’.
So these will be the ‘saving grace’ for people everywhere?
If they think we’ll swallow that - they had better huv a care!

They tell us that the fuel, gas, is vital tae oor homes,
Oor businesses and services depend upon its fumes,
But when it’s a’ used up, whit on earth will there be?
Oor air an’ water poisoned – it’s goodbye tae you an’ me!

*An established Anti Fracking Campaigning Group for Clackmannanshire

** these verses were written some months after the recording was made.


released April 26, 2015
Music - by Adam T McNaughtan - ‘Jeely Piece Song’

Guitar accompaniment - by Davy Lees

Recorded by Lewis Tollan at the Old Mill Studios in Strathaven, Scotland



all rights reserved


Rhona MacLeod Scotland, UK

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